What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

IT Services provides the best, most responsive and most personal service

Our office has worked with IT Services for more than 10 years. The single greatest benefit to our working with IT Services and their “managed services,” is the ability to operate almost carefree. IT Services takes care of everything. They respond when we call and solve problems logically and effectively which allows us to stay focused on our business.

IT Services provides the best, most responsive and most personal service we have received from any other IT firm we have worked with in the past. We always have someone we can call, and they always solve our problems.

We frequently refer other business owners to IT Services and never regret making the referral. The customer service of IT Services speaks for itself.

Robert M. Jensen Partner, Jensen Bayles LLP
St. George, Utah

Quick Response

Having IT Services of Utah take care of our computer systems gives us peace of mind, knowing that we have knowledgeable, reliable service whenever a need arises. IT Services has been supportive and timely in meeting our IT needs and has helped us find useful solutions to meet our industry requirements. It is reassuring knowing that we can call them anytime and get a quick response.

Rebecca Navas Chief Compliance Officer
Vantage Advisors, LLC, St. George, Utah

We Do Not Experience Downtime

We know our data is protected by the experts at IT Services with the latest technology. When we need assistance, help or advice, you are there to help us.

Other companies put us in a queue and it could be hours or days to get problems solved. We do not experience downtime waiting for things to be resolved with IT Services of Utah. Information technology is complex; changing constantly, so it is important to assign that area of your business to experts, so you can focus on your clients.

Information technology is complex; changing constantly, so it is important to assign that area of your business to experts, so you can focus on your clients.

Jeff Huyboom CFO, Creek Valley Health Clinic
Colorado City, Arizona

Same Day Service, Issues Solved Quickly

IT Services of Utah provides outstanding service. The comfort of knowing your computer system is being monitored and protected by professionals is priceless. IT Services provides quick, efficient and same day service. They are very quick in solving issues. IT Services is a great company and they have great people that work there. Their phones are answered by a live person, not an answering machine or voicemail. They are willing to work with you in any capacity and budget.

Dan Nielson Administrator, Coral Desert Surgery Center
St. George, Utah

IT Services Detects Problems Before I Know There Is A Problem…By Far The Best Company I Have Ever Worked With

IT Services of Utah provides fast responses to our emails, prompt attention to our inquiries and needs, and little to NO down time. IT Services monitors our network and back up operations, and I know I can trust them to make sure things are running safely. On occasion I receive communication from them that they detect a problem before I even know there is a problem. The communication and coordination are excellent. They are always willing to schedule things when it is convenient for us, and I always know what the plan is. Whenever I am trying to make a decision on some new software, hardware or service, the engineers at IT Services are so helpful and knowledgeable in guiding me through the decision-making process. Information technology is constantly changing. I trust that IT Services helps us keep on top of things in the most effective way.

It has been my responsibility, as a law firm administrator for several firms over 28 years, to ensure the computer network runs smoothly. I have had direct responsibility for installing several new network servers during that time. IT Services is by far the best company I have ever worked with. IT Services and this law firm have some history. They planned and installed our last new server, and I anticipate they will take care of our next new server. I have users that work remotely and in-house. The firm uses multiple software applications. All of our software runs without a glitch. They are happy to help our remote users as well. In five years, the firm has experienced only very brief periods of downtime, and that was usually when some old piece of equipment has reached the end of its life. IT Services is “on it” always. I would highly recommend IT Services for your network needs.

Ricki Stephens Paralegal/Firm Administrator, Barney McKenna & Olmstead, P.C.
St. George, Utah

No Down Time

Since switching to IT Services of Utah, our computers run efficiently with no down time. IT Services is proactive with monitoring our systems and fixes issues before we even knew they existed. IT Services is extremely helpful, regardless of the issue. They not only help us with computer issues, but go the extra-mile to assist with software questions, phone issues, after hours questions, education workshop presentations, etc. You will not regret the decision to use IT Services. We made the decision 9 years ago and have never regretted the decision!

Mari Krashowetz Executive Officer, Southern Utah Home builders Association
Washington, Utah

IT Services Cares About The Security Of Their Clients

IT Services has always been available to help us with any issue that has come up. Our firm is constantly working in a fast-paced environment with crucial deadlines and when IT issues come up, we can’t be delayed in any way. IT Services is quick to respond and get us the help we need.

IT Services has educated us as a firm with current security issues or “phishing” schemes to be on the look-out for, as well as the ability to have endless knowledge to help us fix an issue at a moment’s notice. They truly care about the security of their clients and put in place preventative effective safety features that have made us feel more secure.

You can’t go wrong in choosing IT Services of Utah for all your computer needs. You will not receive better customer service, help, or personal attention, like they provide, with any other competitor out there!

Shawn Gubler Managing Partner, Kinexus CPA’s & Advisors
St. George, Utah

IT Services Monitors Our Systems And Keeps Them Up And Running, As Well As Providing Prompt And Courteous Service

IT Services of Utah monitors and keeps our systems up and running. Our systems are critical for all our daily operations and we don’t have the time, expertise, or staff to manage it. IT Services has all those things and has great customer service to respond to our needs. Whenever we have an issue, whether large or small, we get prompt and courteous service. IT Services listens and responds to your company’s needs. They have all the technical skills to meet your needs but try to listen and understand to find the best solution for your company.

Lane Mecham Director of Finance, Ivins City
Ivins, Utah

We Get A Live Person Immediately

IT Services of Utah has freed up a lot of time that I would have spent in the past researching how to fix IT issues. This is now time that I can devote to other projects I need to complete.

Whenever we call IT Services, we get a live person immediately. We are not assigned a number and then someone gets back to us within the week.

Not only is their response time immediate, but they are also professional and their solutions accurate. They are willing to research an issue if they don’t know the answer immediately.

Emily Faux VP of Operations/Human Resources
Utah Heritage Credit Union, Moroni, Utah

Always Available When We Need Them

We now have a team of knowledgeable and skilled IT professionals watching over our computer systems and ensuring that our computer systems run smoothly. IT Services is always available when we need them, and they take care of us promptly. I absolutely recommend IT Services of Utah to everyone.

Sylvan Pickett Accounting, Movara Fitness Resort
Ivins, Utah

Talk To A Live Person, Quick Response

We are not big enough to have a full-time IT employee, but we are too big not to have an IT support department. We receive real-time, intelligent, knowledgeable, and full-time IT support without having to pay the full-time expense of an in-house employee. IT Services of Utah provides quick response, follow-through, and the ability to talk to a live person.

Todd Fuller Purchasing & Accounting Manager, Sun River St. George Development, L.C.
St. George, Utah

IT Services of Utah Is The Right IT Expert For Your Business

Since switching to IT Services of Utah, my time has been freed up to focus on my job rather than on IT issues. Managing a small business requires wearing many different "hats." I used to spend evenings and weekends updating computers or troubleshooting IT issues that had cropped up. Now IT Services handles all of that for us, which means that IT issues are resolved much quicker and I can focus on moving our business forward. IT Services has a much better response time than IT firms we have worked with in the past, even when we've had problems arise outside of regular office hours. When you are running a small business, it can feel like you have to be an expert in everything. You don't. Things will be better for you, your staff, and your business if you surround yourself with the right experts. From my experience, the team at IT Services of Utah is the right IT experts.

Tanja Easson Vice President, Operations, Curriculum, & Technical Support
Academic Innovations, St. George, Utah