HIPAA Compliance for Utah Businesses | IT Services of Utah

Institutions that transmit or store protected health information (PHI), including non-healthcare providers, are obliged to comply with HIPAA standards. Working with IT Services of Utah, Inc. enables you to seamlessly comply with these complex regulations.

We have partnered with HIPAA professionals to help you develop and implement information management and security programs, data breach response policies, and data privacy protocols so you never have to face non-compliance fees and risk your business’s credibility.

For healthcare entities, HIPAA compliance should be a top concern to protect your business. We don’t just help you become more secure online, we also provide you with a robust compliance plan for adhering to these stringent regulations.

Our HIPAA Compliance Utah service includes:

  • Internal audits
  • Policies and procedures documents
  • Incident Readiness and Response Teams
  • Incident Readiness and Response Plans

Stay compliant and effectively secure healthcare data from all types of cyberthreats.

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