Data Protection Solutions for Utah Businesses | IT Services of Utah

Power outages, computer viruses, and hard drive failures come without warning. Unless you have a robust recovery plan in place, you can lose all your data in an instant. IT Services of Utah, Inc. helps you gather, control, and secure crucial files against man-made or natural disasters.

Our data protection solutions involve automatic replication and storage of your data on highly secure, offsite servers. We continuously monitor your files and check whether your backups are protected and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Aside from your employees, your data is arguably your most crucial asset. Why risk your business’s future with inadequate backups? Our seamless data protection solutions help secure confidential files against disasters.

Our Data Protection Utah service includes:

  • Geo-redundant backups
  • Routine restoration tests
  • Nonstop data monitoring
  • Optimal server environment

Rest easy knowing your company data can withstand any disaster.

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