IT Services of Utah Is The Right IT Expert For Your Business

Since switching to IT Services of Utah, my time has been freed up to focus on my job rather than on IT issues. Managing a small business requires wearing many different "hats." I used to spend evenings and weekends updating computers or troubleshooting IT issues that had cropped up. Now IT Services handles all of that for us, which means that IT issues are resolved much quicker and I can focus on moving our business forward. IT Services has a much better response time than IT firms we have worked with in the past, even when we've had problems arise outside of regular office hours. When you are running a small business, it can feel like you have to be an expert in everything. You don't. Things will be better for you, your staff, and your business if you surround yourself with the right experts. From my experience, the team at IT Services of Utah is the right IT experts.

Tanja Easson
Vice President, Operations, Curriculum, & Technical Support
Academic Innovations, St. George, Utah