IT Services Detects Problems Before I Know There Is A Problem…By Far The Best Company I Have Ever Worked With

IT Services of Utah provides fast responses to our emails, prompt attention to our inquiries and needs, and little to NO down time. IT Services monitors our network and back up operations, and I know I can trust them to make sure things are running safely. On occasion I receive communication from them that they detect a problem before I even know there is a problem. The communication and coordination are excellent. They are always willing to schedule things when it is convenient for us, and I always know what the plan is. Whenever I am trying to make a decision on some new software, hardware or service, the engineers at IT Services are so helpful and knowledgeable in guiding me through the decision-making process. Information technology is constantly changing. I trust that IT Services helps us keep on top of things in the most effective way.

It has been my responsibility, as a law firm administrator for several firms over 28 years, to ensure the computer network runs smoothly. I have had direct responsibility for installing several new network servers during that time. IT Services is by far the best company I have ever worked with. IT Services and this law firm have some history. They planned and installed our last new server, and I anticipate they will take care of our next new server. I have users that work remotely and in-house. The firm uses multiple software applications. All of our software runs without a glitch. They are happy to help our remote users as well. In five years, the firm has experienced only very brief periods of downtime, and that was usually when some old piece of equipment has reached the end of its life. IT Services is “on it” always. I would highly recommend IT Services for your network needs.

Ricki Stephens
Paralegal/Firm Administrator, Barney McKenna & Olmstead, P.C.
St. George, Utah